English : Paarticipation

PaaLabRes: Forum of Discussion

The digital space PaaLabRes should also be a discussion forum: a space for debate, interactions, comments, and suggestions. The exact form of this interactive forum between the collective PaaLabRes and the site’s users remains to be developed in detail.

It is very important for us to have immediate feedback on the technical aspects of the site, because we are developing it with our own limited means. Critical comments on the way users navigate in the architecture of the site, indicating what should be improved, are welcome.

Our intention is to organize the discussion forum in several territories. Firstly, a space for brief contributions by the site’s visitors (one page maximum): commentaries, critical feedback, encouragements, and suggestions. Secondly, longer texts concerning useful information for the site’s community: stories of various experiences, events, conferences, publications that can have a particular interest relative to the questions raised by PaaLabRes. Thirdly, more substantial propositions: research articles, artistic forms, poetical or political texts, etc. Finally, we also hope to organize specific spaces for debate linked to some of the site’s publications (see the end of the text of the station “Débat” on artistic research).

Calls for contributions on particular subject matters will be launched periodically, in order to enrich the existing lines of the site, or to create new ones.

The collective PaaLabRes is in charge of the process of presentation and editing of the various contributions in a spirit of exchange.

The digital space PaaLabRes is addressed to a French speaking audience, to those who do not master foreign languages, notably the English language. The use of French for most of its content is therefore deliberately claimed. At the same time, we are dedicated to be open to international contexts. This is why some translations are already proposed on the site and they will play an important role in future publications. Bilingual publications are possible in the case of original texts, which have not been already published. Each station includes an abstract in English or references to English versions of the texts. Contributions in English are very welcome.