English abstract: Ecology of practices

« Ecology of practices »: the practices can be thought as living beings, they emerge and die in interaction between them, and the emergence of a practice can correspond to the death of another. Or their survival depends on a symbiosis that links them together. According to Isabelle Stengers, « the mode of existence of practices is relational and constrained, not hallucinated or visionary; their avatars do not refer to a more general instance that would constitute a local translation, but to the here and now that they fabricate and that renders them possible » (Cosmopolitics 1). Ideas, without limitations, have to be thought as distinct from practices, which exist in limited contexts and in relationship with others. The ecology according to Stengers is linked to process issues that are capable of integrating disparate terms.
Reference: Isabelle Stengers, Cosmopolitics I, Bononno, R (trans.), Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press (2010), chapter 3, “Ecologies”.

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