Archives du mot-clé sound experiment

Jules Ferry Primary School

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Project with the children of Jules Ferry Primary School in Villeurbanne

Philippe Genet, Pascal Pariaud and Gérald Venturi


This project is part of a program of the French Institute of Education. The Jules Ferry elementary school in Villeurbanne is an « associated educational institution », a partnership between a research laboratory and schools. The project developed over the last three years by Philippe Genet, Pascal Pariaud and Gérald Venturi is being carried out in collaboration with the sociologist Jean-Paul Filiod and the teachers of the Jules Ferry school.

The four members of the research team have been working on identifying learning of musical (vocabulary, culture…) and psychosocial (self-esteem, cooperation…) nature. This involves musical listening and sound manipulation workshops.

Here are two examples of sound files realized by the children in this project:


1. Projets 2019-20.


2. Projet June 2019.