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Noémi Lefebvre and Laurent Grappe

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Noémi Lefebvre

Noémi Lefebvre was born in 1964 in Caen, and now lives in Lyon, France. After studying music and politics and completing a degree focused on music education and national identity in Germany and France, she became a political scientist at IEP – Grenoble II University. She is the author of three novels, all of which have garnered intense critical success: her first novel L’Autoportrait bleu (2009) has been translated into English by Sophie Lewis (Blue-self portrait, Les Fugitives, London, 2017). After that, she wrote L’état des sentiment à l’âge adulte (2012), L’enfance politique (2015) and Poétique de l’emploi (2018). She is a regular contributor to the independent online magazine Mediapart and to the bilingual French-German publication La mer gelée.
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Laurent Grappe

Laurent Grappe, composer, musician. His work on the poetry of recorded sound has led him to compose a certain number of electroacoustic pieces for which he systematically creates a specific setting allowing a “staging” of the sound, whether live or recorded beforehand. In his proposals, he involves actors, musicians, visual artists, and sometimes even the public itself.


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Video realized by the studio doitsu. Text: Noémi Lefebvre. Editing: Laurent Grappe. January 2019.

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