Guide to the 2021 Edition




Guide to the 2021 Edition – “Break Down the Walls”

The home page can be seen in light or dark green.

The 2021 Edition home page works as follows:

  • The river represents the video of the Grand Collage. The river flows from left to right.
    • The river is divided in five parts, indicated I V.
    • There are 10 “Lisières” (Edges), indicated by L.1 L.10.
    • The river (the Grand Collage) is divided in 26 sequences.
  • The Houses are represented by 27 bubbles. Inside each bubble is the name of a contributor (or contributors) to the edition. Each house contains the complete contribution corresponding to the displayed name (or names).
  • Pathways that lead from the houses to the river. They indicate the places in the Grand Collage where extracts from the corresponding contributions are included. The pathways lead to where one of the 26 sequences starts in the Grand Collage.

It is possible to: :

  1. Click on the river in the space corresponding to one of the 26 sequences. The corresponding sequence will be played from the start and at the end of the sequence an arrow will allow to continue to the next. The Grand Collage can be stopped at any time by clicking on a house (small bubble) on the right side of the screen, or on the miniature map representing the 2021 edition home page.
  2. During the course of the Grand Collage, the name of a contributor will appear in a bubble (house) on the right side of the screen, when an extract will be played corresponding to this name. By clicking on a name, you will be able to access the full contribution corresponding to that name. By clicking on the miniature map you will be able to return to the home page of the edition.
  3. Click on a house on the map will give access to the full contribution corresponding to the name. When passing the curser on the house, a bubble will appear describing the content of the contribution. The contributions always appear in their original language (English or French). At the top of the article a link (or sometimes several links) allows access to the translation in the other language.