English reference: I / O + IOU

I / O + IOU: The original text by Ben Boretz, « I / O » was published in Open Space Magazine, Issue 3, Spring 2001, Red Hook, New York. The text IOU by Jean-Charles François was written for Ben Boretz’s 80th birthday and will be published (alongside with Ben Boretz’s text) in the next issue of Open Space Magazine, under the title « I.O.U.A.lot, ComplE/Imentary to I / O by Benjamin Boretz ».

You can access these two texts in two different ways :

1) A video composed by a slide show of the texts accompanied by the recorded voices (in French) of:

  • In the role of Ben Boretz: Jean-Charles François
  • In the role of Jean-Charles François: Monica Jordan
  • Titles of works in Boretz: Nancy François
  • Non-titles in François: Dan Haffner

2) A pdf version of the two parallel texts (in French).

The two texts in French (12p, landscape format, 175Ko)