English abstract: The Artistic Turn

The Artistic Turn: Summary of the book The Artistic Turn, A Manifesto, by Kathleen Coessens, Darla Crispin and Anne Douglas, published by the Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium (Leuwen: Leuwen University Press, 2009).
Here is the text of the book’s cover:

The emergent field of artistic research remains controversial, and is accepted with varying degrees of enthusiasm in academic institutions. The challenges and opportunities presented by this discipline may be better understood by re-emphasizing the centrality of the artist through a fresh paradigm — an ‘artistic turn’. The aim is to create a field of meaning that may illuminate the most promising, though correspondingly problematic, aspects of artistic research: the essential ineffability of artistic creativity, and the consequent insufficiency of verbal and written accounts. The discourse articulated charts a constellation of ideas that outlines the new discipline and points to its manifold and open ended possibilities.

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