English abstract: Cultural Operations

« Cultural operations », definition given by Michel de Certeau: « Whatever its modalities, the cultural expression is primarily an operation. Moreover, the thematic of today’s research provides a first description. Three points are particularly striking: 1. To do something with something; 2. To do something with someone; 3. To change the everyday reality and to modify the life style, to the point of risking the very existence. In this way, one passes from a problematic dedicated to representations, to cultural products and to the exceptional characteristics of the “cultivated” expression, to a perspective centered on practices, on human relations and on the transformation of the structures of social life. » (Michel de Certeau, La Culture au pluriel, Paris : Christian Bourgeois Editeur, 1980, p. 218). The book is available in English : Michel de Certeau, Culture in the Plural, translated by Tom Conley, University of Minnesota Press, 1998.

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